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Cooking Terms and Techniques

To be  honest with you,when I first started to watch TV shows about food and I hear the chefs say stuff like “Saute” or “Marinate” I  am usually so confused about what they are saying. I don’t want you to suffer the same confusion so I’ll be sharing some basic cooking terms and their meaning.…… Continue reading Cooking Terms and Techniques

international dishes

Corned beef frittatas

I had already eaten breakfast in the morning,now it was time for lunch.I went to the kitchen and all I could see were the finely washed pots and plates in the sink.I decided to check what was in the cabinet and found a can of green peas and corned beef.WHAT WILL I DO WITH THIS?Well…… Continue reading Corned beef frittatas

international dishes

Grilled Buffalo wings 

What do you need: Buffalo wings  Pepper  Onions  Garlic  Salt How to make it: Slice and pound onions and garlic till paste is formed.  Mix all the ingredients aside from buffalo wings in a small bowl.  Add 2 tablespoons of water to the small bowl Marinate the buffalo wings in the content of the small…… Continue reading Grilled Buffalo wings 

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Yam and scrambled eggs

This is a very common breakfast in many Nigerian homes.  What you need: A tuber of yam 6 eggs Blended tomatoes  1 small onion, sliced Vegetable oil Salt Seasoning cube A pinch of curry How to make it: For the yam: Slice the yam and peel the skin off.  Rinse in clean water.  Put sliced…… Continue reading Yam and scrambled eggs

kitchen tips and tricks

How to make cooking more interesting 

One can’t  expect to learn the art of cooking overnight.Yeah cooking is an art. It takes time and effort to become an very good cook.”Practice makes perfect ” they say, and that is so true when it comes to cooking.Dont worry with time you’ll get the hang of it.  I’ll be sharing 9 tips that…… Continue reading How to make cooking more interesting