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Sundays!!!!!!who doesn’t love sundays.Well I do and how much better is it to enjoy your Sunday with your Sunday rice you are so familiar with.

I know the rice is cooked already and I am sure you have eaten it already but I am posting this just to help you in case of next time.

Help you do what exactly?

Am going to help you know how to cook your rice so that it will be fluffy and light without it sticking together.The one I’ll be preparing is for two people so measure according to your need.

  1. Measure the rice.Always and always measure the rice.I’ll be preparing 110ml of rice
  2. Get water exactly double the volume of the rice.In this case that will be….yeah 220ml of water
  3. Get your pot ready. It is advisable though that you use a wide pan if available
  4. Place the pan/pot on fire and add a tablespoon of groundnut oil
  5. Add the rice and mix so that the grains look shiny
  6. Add water
  7. Add salt and other seasonings as you wish
  8. Set your timer or stopwatch to 15 minutes
  9. Make sure that the pot/pan has a very firm lid
  10. Make sure not to stir as this will cause the grains to break and thus make them stick together
  11. When the time is up open the lid and enjoy your Rice.

Yeah.I know…its that simple yeah????

Lemme know how well it worked for you


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