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How to make cooking more interesting 

One can’t  expect to learn the art of cooking overnight.Yeah cooking is an art. It takes time and effort to become an very good cook.”Practice makes perfect ” they say, and that is so true when it comes to cooking.Dont worry with time you’ll get the hang of it. 

I’ll be sharing 9 tips that can make cooking more like fun and less as a job. 

  • Get the right  equipments 

I cannot over empathize this need. Have you ever tried to cut meat with a fork? Or beat an egg in a flat plate? It simply does not work that way. So if you want to make your work more fun then you have to use the right equipments. Basically all kitchens should have a cutting board, colander, Knives, mixing bowls, wooden spoons and so on. 

  • Organize your work space

You  might want to argue that your kitchen is not big enough,so you can’t have it organized. That’s so not true. You don’t have to leave those dishes in the sink,or still keep those empty pots on the kitchen table. Make sure to clear your work area and keep it organized so you don’t have to start looking for the maggi cube that is under the shopping bag. Keep your ingredients and tools in your line of sight. 

  • Shop smart

Make a list of the ingredients you need for the meal you want to cook. Also make sure to check the ones you already have so as not to buy more that will eventually get spoilt or wasted. Have an budget. Also don’t shop when you are hungry!!!! 

  • Use the power of herbs and spices 

These can be very powerful tools in the kitchen. Aside from the nutritional and medicinal qualities of herbs and spices, they also make your food taste so wonderful. You don’t want to use too much of it though. 

  • Read your recipe 

If you are preparing a meal for the first time,make sure to read the recipe well,in fact read more than once . Read it to check if you have the necessary ingredients and equipments for the meal.

  That will be all I’ll be sharing tonight. I’ll share the rest tomorrow. 


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