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Cooking Terms and Techniques

To be  honest with you,when I first started to watch TV shows about food and I hear the chefs say stuff like “Saute” or “Marinate” I  am usually so confused about what they are saying. I don’t want you to suffer the same confusion so I’ll be sharing some basic cooking terms and their meaning.

Beat: Make a smooth mixture by stirring vigorously with a fork, spoon , whisk or electric mixer.

Blend: Mix or stir two or more ingredients together to make a smooth mixture.

Boil:   Cook a liquid over high heat until bubbles rise to the surface.

Broil: Cook under ‘Broiler’ in the oven.

Chop: Cut into pieces with a sharp knife.

Coat:   Cover or roll food in another ingredient.

Dice: Cut into very small

Drain: Pour off or strain liquid from food.

Fold: Mix gently into a rubber scrapper or spoon by lifting the bottom of the mixture outward and over the top.

Fry: Cook in an open skillet with oil.

Garnish: Decorate food with colourful additions such as parsley or fruit.

Grate: Rub food against a grater to make very small bit.

Grill: Broil under high heat or over hot coals.

Knead: Work dough by pressing and folding it with hands.

Marinate: Let food soak in a flavourful liquid.

Mince: Chop or cut into very tiny pieces.

Mix: Combine two or more ingredients together until well blended.

Pinch: A small amount of seasoning that you can hold between your thumb and forefinger.

Puree: Process or grind food into small pulp in a food processor or blender.

Sift: To pass flour or other dry ingredients through a sieve or sifter before measuring.

Saute: Cook in a skillet over medium heat while stirring constantly.

Season: Flavour food by sprinkling with herbs and spices.

Separate: Remove egg yolk from egg white before cooking.

Shred: Cut into very tiny strips.

Simmer: Cook slowly at a low heat.

Stir: Mix with a spoon in a circular motion.

Toss: Mix food by lifting gently with salad tongs or two spoons.

Whisk: Beat or stir food wit a wire “whisk”.





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