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Yam and scrambled eggs

This is a very common breakfast in many Nigerian homes.  What you need: A tuber of yam 6 eggs Blended tomatoes  1 small onion, sliced Vegetable oil Salt Seasoning cube A pinch of curry How to make it: For the yam: Slice the yam and peel the skin off.  Rinse in clean water.  Put sliced…… Continue reading Yam and scrambled eggs

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How to make cooking more interesting 

One can’t  expect to learn the art of cooking overnight.Yeah cooking is an art. It takes time and effort to become an very good cook.”Practice makes perfect ” they say, and that is so true when it comes to cooking.Dont worry with time you’ll get the hang of it.  I’ll be sharing 9 tips that…… Continue reading How to make cooking more interesting 

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Yam Porridge (Asaro) 

Ingredients : 1/2 tuber of yam Palm oil Onions  Dried fish Blended crayfish  Dried pepper  Directions : Peel,wash and cut yam into cubes as seen in the image below.  Add yam cubes into an pot,pour enough water to just cover the yam. Cover the pot and cook for 20 minutes.  Open the pot and gently…… Continue reading Yam Porridge (Asaro) 

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Ila Alasepo (mixed okra) Recipe

  Ila means Okra in English and alasepo means mixed. So ila alasepo is mixed okra soup. Normally okra should be served with stew but in this case the ingredients for the stew would be used in making the Okra soup.    There are many different ways to cook ila alasepo but I would be…… Continue reading Ila Alasepo (mixed okra) Recipe

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Fried rice and fried chicken 

I made my first fried rice yesterday and am going to say it’s one of the easiest cooking I have done. I personally always thought you had to be a pro or something to make fried rice but I was so wrong. It’s pretty easy. Yh!! I had a little help, but who doesn’t huh?? …… Continue reading Fried rice and fried chicken 

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Lord of the fries

What do you need? Potatoes Eggs Plantain Vegetable oil Onions Salt and seasoning. How to do it? For potatoes Wash and peel potatoes . Cut potatoes into chips of desirable size. Soak in water for about 10 minutes. Add salt to the soaked potatoes. Get your pan ready.the pan should be a little bit deep…… Continue reading Lord of the fries